The Manual EIA Reader is a single channel photometer designed to read the absorbance of liquids contained in either 1x8, or1x12 flat bottom microtiter strips as well as test tubes, 12mm to 16mm diameter. The instrument optics produce a narrow beam of light which is projected through the well, past the interface filter and on to the photodetector; the measured sample result may then be displayed on the 16 character alphanumeric display in absobance or concentration units. An optional printer/battery pack allows field operation of the instrument as well as direct printout of results. The Manual EIA Reader, with the interchangeable interference filter, can be used in the wavelength range of 400 to 700nm.

Manual EIA Reader 

Technical Specifications

Microtiter Strip:

8-or-12-well (1 x 8, 1 x 12, 2 x 8, 2 x 12)


12mm and 14mm (Standard, other sizes from 12mm to 16mm are avaliable by special order)

Min. Read Vol:

12mm (Round bottom): 65ml

13mm (Round bottom): 85ml

14mm (Flat bottom): 1.25ml

16mm (Round bottom): 1.25ml

Absorbance Range:

0-2.000 Abs.


±2% or 0.01 Abs., whichever is greater


±1.5% or 0.005 Abs., whichever is greater


0.001 Abs.


Silicon Photodiode


16-character alphanumeric LCD

Power Requirements:

120 Volts ± 10%; 60 Hz; 10 Watts

220 Volts ± 10%; 50 Hz; 10 Watts


RS232 Connector


2.25' (5.7cm) High, 4.0' (10.2cm) Wide, 5.3' (13.5cm) Deep


1.3 lbs. (0.59 kg)

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