This stand-alone instrument is a calculating microstrip luminometer for glow-type CLIAs. The strip transport mechanism automatically runs 3 strips at a time. Simply select an assay, load the strips, and close the hatch. The Microstrip Luminometer automatically blanks and advances the strip. It can be used to run hormones and other applications with on-board calculations for multi-point curves and regressions, and log logit modes. A built-in reference assures continuous calibration. The instrument stores over 100 user-defined tests and includes a graphics printer.

Microstrip Luminometer

Options & Accessories

Glow luminescence detection with photomultiplier

3-position strip carrier reads break-apart, 8 or 12 well opaque strips

User-friendly, tracking feature reads all 3 strips automatically

Automatically positions plate, blanks, reads and calculates results

Open system

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