This four filter bichromatic calculating strip reader features a touch screen interface, on-board graphics printer, and a non-volatile memory to store over 50 user-defined tests. It is possible to load up to 3 strips at a time, and six-filter options are available. This includes a carrier for break-apart strips up to 12 wells long. Optional carriers are available to accommodate non break-apart (rigid) 8-well or 12-well strips.

Stat Fax® 4700 Microwell Strip Reader

Options & Accessories

Microstrip reader with bi-chromatic photometer system, works with both break-apart and non-break-apart strips

Easy to use with touch-screen display and built in printer

Selectable plate formatting will read trays containing microwell strips

Monochromatic or bichromatic reading

Uses standard microwell plates for all reactions

Open system

Four filter model (405 nm - 630 nm)

Optional 6 filter VIS model (405 nm - 630 nm)

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