This Chemistry Analyzer comes equipped with brilliant bichromatic optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and an integrated printer to produce high throughput and enhance productivity. On-board curve fitting calculations are accompanied by step-by-step user prompting to simplify and make operation easier. Including an interactive touch-screen LCD with a USB mouse option, it also has a large non-volatile memory that stores up to 120 user-entered tests. This chemistry analyzer even performs single point calibration by standard or factor, multipoint calibration and kinetic rate by standard or factor (batch or single). Operating with IAD filters, the Stat Fax 4500 accommodates 12 mm tubes and cuvettes. The economical unit also has a read cell which is temperature controlled at 37 °C. Standard models include six filters (340 nm, 405 nm, 505 nm, 545 nm, 580 nm, and 630 nm).

Stat Fax® 4500 Chemistry Analyzer

Options & Accessories

Interactive touch-screen LCD with USB mouse option

Bichromatic optics

On board curve fitting calculations and various calibration points

Flowcell to accomodate 12mm tubes or cuvettes

IAD filters

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