We have a variety of instruments also available, such as microplate analyzers and washers that are either manual or fully automatic. Browse our selection below. 


Stat Fax 2100 Automatic Microplate Reader

This is a fully automatic microplate reader with bichromatic optics. It has on board data reduction calculations which include regressions, curve fittings and cutoff absorbance calculations with step by step user prompting.

Manual EIA Reader

The manual EIA Reader is a single channel photometer designed to read the absorbance of liquids contained in either 1x8, or1x12 flat bottom microtiter strips as well as test tubes, 12mm to 16mm diameter. 

Stat Fax 2600 Automatic Microplate Washer

This is a microplate washer capable of full or partial row washing of flat, round, and v-bottom plates and strips. No user adjustment is required because of the automatic calibration and alignment capabilities, as well as the ability to detect the last row.

Automatic Multiwash

The Multiwash microplate washer for Enzyme Immunoassays, has been designed to meet the working and budgetary requirements of today’s laboratories.

EL401 Manual Washer

The EL401 Manual Plate/Strip Washer accommodates all 96-well microplates and microwell strips. 

TKA 310 Line of Automated EIA Analyzers

Laboratories that perform few analyses can afford to equip themselves with one of these "walk-away" analyzers, thus avoiding the use of several machines. This helps in reducing costs, saving room, and protecting against human error. 

TKA 500 Line of Automated EIA Analyzers

We have the TKA 540 Line and TKA 580 Line with numerous models with varying specifications to help you fit your needs in the laboratory.

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