This is a microplate washer capable of full or partial row washing of flat, round, and v-bottom plates and strips. No user adjustment is required because of the automatic calibration and alignment capabilities, as well as the ability to detect the last row. It includes large, non-volatile memory for up to 50 user entered wash protocols. It is capable of achieving programmable, automatic rinse cycles with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure. Internal pumps are only on when needed for extra quiet operation. It is ready to run and includes bottles, aerosol shield, and 8-way manifold. 

Stat Fax® 2600 Auto Microplate Washer

Options & Accessories

12-way manifold (p/n 002699)

Automatic precision washing of microplates and microstrips with flat, round bottom wells

Automatic calibration & alignment

Electronic level sensing on wash, rinse, and waste bottles

Operation time for one microplate single washing: 55 seconds

Programmable automatic rinse cycle, Stores 50 wash programs

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Technical Specifications

Residual Volume:


Dispense Accuracy:

<3% CV at 200μl

Processing Time (full plate):

1 cycle, 100 seconds (double aspiration)

67 seconds (single aspiration)

Liquid Contact Materials:

Stainless steel, Delrin, silicone, Nylon, PVC, polypropylene

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Two line LCD, alpha numeric, 24 characters per line


16-key, domed membrane switch, enunciating

Power Requirements:

115V or 230V AC, 50-60Hz (switch selectable)


Z80A or Z180

Non-Volatile Memory

Battery supported RAM, holds approx. 50 wash protocols

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Washing Programs:

Aspirate, dispense, soak - up to 99 minutes 99 seconds

Special Menu Options:

Auto alignment - senses physical geometry of the head, plate, and carrier mechanism

Standby - disables pumps and releases vacuum and pressure

Selfcheck - performs internal performance tests and auto alignment

Auxiliary - allows selection of pre-programmed tests, mechanism and volume calibration, alphanumeric test naming

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3 1L bottles included (wash, waste, rinse)


Fire retardant ABS plastic cover with metal base


Approx. 15.5 x 13.5 x 7.5in (39 x 34 x 19cm)

Weight 22 lbs. (10kg)

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Fluid Performance